A tale of woe

Not so very long ago

In a wiki found online

A rather bleak story takes place

Chills will crawl up your spine

An evil, evil villain

By the name Megatron1

Was stalking a helpless user

In that he had much fun

But that young and fateful user

Didn't find as much glee

And so we meet this user

His name is Minifig-me

Megatron1 was an evil hacker

He still is to this day

And chances are an ugly hacker

Is all that he will stay

Mini, as we will call him

That Mini or Minifig-me

Set off to destroy Mega

And his hacking-user spree

Mini was a smart one

Knew Mega was a hack

And he knew Mega was evil

The world was turning black

Mega knew that I knew

His real hacker self, I.D.

So he accused me of vandal

And got others to agree

Mini was kicked out of the wiki

And onto a bumpy road

And Mega erased all evidence

Except a talk page with a hackers code

I tried a find a wiki

But I was hunted like a hoard

As all the users were hungry

For the 1,500 edit reward

I tried a billion wikis

I woulda tried a billion more

But I finally found a wiki

It opened a new door

It's called the AC wiki

And it helped me so

And I haven't been discovered

Though this is assumed, I may never know

I've made many, many friends

And they trust me without a doubt

Megatron should just run away

Curl up in a corner

And pout

I've made so many edits

My rank has shot far up

I've been living in a bed of roses

Drinking from golden cups

But, Megatron still stalks me

Like a lion and his prey

But with luck and believing users

I'll live to edit another day!!!!

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